Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Everyday Thugs


[Krayzie Bone]

T-H-U-G (U-G, U-G)


[Chorus 4X: Krayzie Bone]

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday thugs

Everyday thugs we be Bone Thugs, ahh

[Krayzie Bone]

Nigga thug all day any day, even when I'm in L.A. I roll with the thugs

Better creep to the city and look for the weed spot

Stop cause I gotta get bud

Wanna get a pound of that floatin stuff, some of that smoke and puff (puff)

And if you smoke enough you sure enough get P.O.D.'ed

Cleveland - it's the same thang, they out there puff M. Jane

Inhale (inhale) exhale (exhale) back on the plane

Headed to the city that's sunny all year round, that's right Miami

It's like a little planet, full of sin, well we got to have it (have it)

And I'm simply tryin to tell these motherfuckers

That we thug all day (day) we Thug always (way way)

So come to the party (party) and bring somebody (body)

And bring some weed and a tank of Bacardi (Bacardi)

It's gon' get rowdy (rowdy)


[Layzie Bone]

Come and roll with the everyday thugs, stayin +Down Foe My Thang+

Stayin true to the game cause that's all I know

I'm a street nigga, keep the heat nigga

Gettin street figures, all night long

I gots to go get me some money

Cause just like that, nigga gots to have it

It be greens or spinach or cabbage

Whatever you call it can do your math

And work this magic, get on the grind

In position to be the boss

Niggas can floss and talk, but I know they soft

But a nigga like me stay raw

On the D.L., cause what we sell

Ain't none of nobody's business, never was

And nigga never will be

Thinkin I'm broke but I'm out here filthy, feelin me?

Y'all niggas be killin me

Brag about the money that you claim you makin

Fuck around, catch your dumbass sleepin

Then that money be up for the takin

Yeah, I bring home the bacon

And nigga that's all I'ma let you know

You already know when I stole the show

Little man with the big dough run these hoes


[Wish Bone]

I'm a thug, seems like every time I come out gotta prove I'm thug

Like a nigga ain't put in work, with his blood

It's gonna be the same, cause nigga gonna stay on his game

This is how we gets down, with money mayne, money mayne

Monday Tuesday Wednesdays, I mighta been chillin

Thursdays Fridays Saturday I'm out there kickin it with all my villains

Go against us, you ain't goin nowhere

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony keepin it real for St. Clair

Anybody that want it, even if it's on my mornings

I will wake up, just in case you want it

And I ain't got shit to prove it, thirty minutes over you do it

Put it down nigga, really, now move it


[Bizzy Bone]

You know, we like the echo and oh

We like the Roley y'know, we like the Benz-o but oh

He the homie but no, he the enemy fo' sho'

Pull a .44 out of the holster, bust on him like real niggas supposed ta

Sticky-icky blowin brew in my leather sofa

Little nigga, roll a spiritual soldier

Like Nat Turner, clap burner, murda mo murda

Murder motherfucker, shit as hot as the kitchen furnace

From smokers to workers, Cleveland to Cali

Ghetto in our suburbia's, Little Bizzy stay pimp in alley

And finally the vinyl be vital, and why should I flip?

I already got the title, besides my vibe is the shit

It's too many sides

[Chorus] - repeat until fade


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